vibramsI tend to not make New Year’s resolutions because they’re so cliche. But then again, maybe saying they’re so cliche has become so cliche that it’s now not-so-unoriginal to make them anymore.


I made a whole list this year. Most of it is running related, either directly or indirectly. So I thought I’d share it here.

In no particular order:

#1 Don’t get injured.

So I tried to do the Runner’s World holiday running streak (running at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day) because I didn’t want to wait until January to get myself back into running consistently. That would be so cliche. Continue reading


Cowtown Half Marathon

at the front of my corral

This race? Just awesome.

Great scenery: downtown, Stockyards, neighborhoods, bridges, and everything that epitomizes Fort Worth. The energy of this massive event just feeds you, even while you’re running upward on long gradual slopes (which there are a few), panting, digging really deep, and wanting to shout “Who put this hill here? Unfair!”

My favorite part, I have to say, was running through the Stockyards. The cheering spectators and the old-timey Fort Worth ambiance give you a little energy boost in the middle. However, I didn’t really have the foresight to worry about running on the uneven brick road in my Alien Shoes (Vibram Five Fingers)…that didn’t feel great.

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Destination runs: off-roading


Yesterday I took my Alien Shoes out for their very first off-roading adventure in Lakeview, MI.

You won’t find Lakeview on a large state map. It’s in middle-of-nowhere Central Michigan, somewhere between Greenville and the movie set of Children of the Corn. (Not really. But basically.) We’re staying with Brian’s sister for the last few days of a multi-destination, week-long road trip spent more in the car than out of it actually doing stuff. Or it feels that way.

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Alien Shoes

stretching in my Alien Shoes

Last week I picked up some Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas.

Brian calls them my Alien Shoes. I call them minimalist bliss.

This goofy, unconventional, amazing footwear is meant to simulate barefoot running. I’m not even sure what inspired me to jump on this granola-ish train, but I think it has to do with injury prevention. I’ve been mildly and kind of unnecessarily paranoid about injury lately. But I also just thought they’d feel cool.

Um, injury prevention? That does sound a bit backward, when athletic shoe giants are forever promoting bells and whistles designed to shield you from the supposed dangerous impact of the sport. Don’t you need support, people often ask.

Well, no, I don’t.

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